Adding Browser Simulation Tests

A browser simulation test simulates a user interacting with a web page, such as button clicks, navigation, and widget interaction.

The options for this test are described below.

Browser Simulation Design Template

Browser Simulation Design Template


The test description shown to the user.


The command to run the test with. For example, a Python test can be run with python3 {{test}}.

Test Contents

Supports Selenium tests written in Python. Supports templates for e.g. localhost. For more information see the Selenium Python docs.


If the results from the test should be shared with the user.


Browser simulations are often passed over for web page tests. There are two fields returned by the browser simulation checks:

  1. Simulation Output - This is the output generated by the test.

  2. Test Contents - What the test is, and what it is doing. It is unlikely that most students at an introductory level will be able to understand immediately what this test is doing.