Jupyter Notebook Viewer

The Jupyter Notebook viewer allows you to display a full Jupyter Notebook environment running securely in the cloud.

To enable the Jupyter Notebook viewer:

  1. Select the Data Science stack

  2. Load the Interface Settings

  3. Change to a single pane (optional but recommended)

  4. Select "Jupyter Notebook" under Interface Arrangement

  5. Remove the button bar

  6. ‚ÄčIncrease the container resources (optional but recommended)

The Jupyter Notebook viewer will then load on the right:

The Jupyter Notebook viewer

You can then upload or create a Jupyter Notebook and interact with it directly from the browser:

A Jupyter Notebook, in the browser!

In the lesson editor, do not forget to save your files. When a user engages with the lesson, their work will be saved automatically.

To install any software you need that is not included on the stack by default, you can use a startup script. If you find yourself needing the same software in many places or the sandbox is taking to long to load, please contact us! We're happy to re-build the stack with that software installed.

We currently only support Python 2 and 3 notebooks. If you want it for other languages, just drop us a note!