Code Editor

Code editor

You can configure the code editor by clicking the "Interface" button in the left side menu and scrolling down to the "Code Editor Settings" section.

File Actions

If enabled, the user will be able to create, rename, and delete files using the code editor, as well as change the directory they are in. Disable if you want to prevent this. Defaults to enabled.

Users will always be able to interact with the file system using the terminal, if you've given them command line access.

File Reset

If enabled, users will be able to reset their files to their starting contents at any point. Defaults to disabled.

Hidden Files

Use this file glob to specify which files should be hidden from users. Defaults to **/.* (files starting with.).

You will always be able to see all files, except for files matching the following regular expression (case insensitive): ^(codevolve|nt)(-)?(test|build). These are used by our test runners (e.g.