Learn about how Next Tech scales computing environments to ensure the best experience for your users.

Next Tech's goal is to deliver computing environments to your users in just a few seconds. To accomplish this, we utilize two different strategies, explained below. We also discuss how you can help us accomplish this!



Next Tech's computing cluster is entirely autoscaled. We are hosted atop Google Cloud Platform, which gives us access to virtually unlimited computing resources.

Predictive Load Analysis

To ensure we have enough computing environments ready to start in a few seconds, we utilize a proprietary predictive load analysis algorithm. This algorithm "learns" what the load will be on a given day at a specific time and pre-loads enough computing environments for users to connect to without a delay.

Using this approach allows us to keep our costs low for your company without having to sacrifice a great user experience.

How You Can Help

Give Us a Heads Up!

If you foresee a significant increase in your usage, giving us a heads-up will give us time to manually tweak our algorithm to ensure we have enough computing environments ready to go. To do so, just let our support team know!

Not sure if your projected increase is worth telling us about? Don't worry! It is better for us to know than not.