Do's and Don'ts

There are some things that help us get you top-notch support, and some things that don't.

The Do's

DO include all the necessary information you have available.
DO submit the ticket using the support portal, if you can.
DO subscribe to our status page, changelog, and feedback site.
DO read our platform's technical requirements (found at the bottom of the documentation sidebar on the left).
DO aggregate multiple occurrences of the same issue into a single ticket.

The Don'ts

DON'T include users on a support ticket (for example, as a CC). The support process goes more smoothly when it's just us.
DON'T use your support email address to submit tickets. This results in automated support emails bouncing back and forth between our systems.
DON'T submit multiple occurrences for a ticket. It just makes more work for all of us!
DON'T worry! We're here to help you to ensure your users have everything they need to succeed with learning new technology skills.