Enterprise Support


Welcome to Next Tech's enterprise support documentation! Here, you can find details about Next Tech's support process, how to get in touch with support, and answers to many frequently asked questions.

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This section contains the following:


There are a few resources we recommend you take a look at and subscribe to!

Our status page contains up-to-date information for any scheduled maintenance or incidents.
Our changelog contains a list of recent product changes.
Have an idea for something we should add or a general bug to report? Tell us here!

Support Hours

Our support team is officially around Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, excluding major U.S. holidays. Unofficially, we keep an eye on new tickets as much as possible outside of these hours.

If you need immediate assistance for a major issue (typically, something that is impacting many or all of your users), feel free to add "URGENT" to the ticket title or email subject.

Response Times

Our response times vary based on the software license we have in place. In general, we attempt to respond to all tickets in under 24 hours for tickets submitted during weekdays inside business hours, and 48 hours for tickets submitted on weekends.