You can share your sandbox with others in a couple seconds to show off what you've built, gather feedback, or earn referral credits!

To share your sandbox, click the Share button in the top right of the page. This will give you a share URL and the option to include a referral URL.

When someone else clicks this URL, they'll get a copy of your sandbox as it currently stands. Your sandbox does not have to be running for this copy to occur. If you follow this share URL, it will redirect you back to your sandbox.

Share URLs, being able to add code, and the ability to set startup scripts allows you to very quickly create a working example of something you'd like to show others. For example, you could quickly create a demo of a Python Flask application by:

  1. Launching a Python sandbox

  2. Adding some Flask code in the editor

  3. Adding pip3 install flask --user to your startup script

  4. Grabbing your share URL and sending it to others

That's all it takes!