What am I charged for when using a sandbox?

When using a sandbox, we record the amount of time you spend actually on the page with your sandbox open and a live computing environment loaded. Being "on the page" means your mouse is focused on the web page with the sandboxed loaded on it.

But don't worry! If for some reason you haven't done anything on the page (moved your mouse, pressed a key, etc.) for 60 seconds then we stop the clock. So those coffee breaks won't break the bank (well, the price of coffee might...)! ☕

Here's what that might look like. First, you start writing a quick program with a function to add two numbers together:

You'll be billed for the time it took for you to write the code up to this point.

You then create a list with four numbers and want to print out that list with 1 added to each number. But you cannot quite recall how to use map, so you head over to Google:

We've now stopped the clock, since you're no longer on the page.

You find your answer on Stack Overflow:

Ah, a list comprehension! That'll do the trick. You head back to your sandbox and add that to your code:

You'll be billed for the time you are on the page finishing this code.

At any point, you can view your usage on your account page. The values here are updated every 15 minutes.