How to Create and Manage Tasks

Last updated 2 months ago

Creating a task, linking graded and ungraded checks .

To create a task open the task pane and selection "+ New Task":

Creating a new task

Template for creating a task


A brief synopsis of the task (what the user should be doing)


The instructions for the task, more lengthy. These include the overall objectives of the task which will correlate to the checks that are linked to this task.

Linked Checks

To link a check, select it from the list and toggle the "Linked" field. If the check is ungraded, or should not be included in the grading weight, toggle "Grade" off.

Linking a graded check to a task

To link a check, make sure that one has been created and saved.

Failed Feedback

The feedback displayed to the user if the task does not reach 100%

Passed Feedback

The feedback displayed to the user if the task reaches 100%


Task settings


Toggle this setting off to no longer run the contents of the task

Share Checks

This displays the contents of the checks to the user when they view the task.

Same Directory

This indicates where the task should run. While in "Same Directory" multiple tests may conflict, and some tests will generate files that will be visible to the user with access to either the sidebar directory, or the terminal.