Embedding Contents in Thinkific

How to embed your contents into a Thinkific course.

Next Tech content can be embedded into Thinkific courses using the "multimedia" content type.

This embed is prone to breaking due to updates Thinkific makes. If that happens, please reach out to us so we can get it addressed for you!

Multimedia Content Type

To embed content in the multimedia content type, open the publishing screen in a Next Tech content by clicking the share icon on the left sidebar. Then select Publishable Key + Thinkific (Multimedia Content) from the dropdown.

Copy that URL and paste it into the URL for a Thinkific multimedia content. Be sure to check the Add dynamic variables to the URL option.

Click Save Changes, then your content will be visible in your course!

Don't forget to checkout our Zapier integration if you'd like to retrieve your user's coding data!