Embedding Contents in Canvas

How to embed your contents into Canvas

Canvas and Next Tech support a protocol called Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI), which allows Next Tech contents to easily be embedded into Canvas and supports direct grade passback.

The instructions below will show you how to create a global LTI tool, which allows you to quickly and easily add Next Tech contents throughout the rest of your course as activities.

Embedding Content

While in Canvas, make sure that there is a course ready to import contents into. If there are no courses, create one by selecting the "Start a New Course" option on the Dashboard.

Select your course from the Dashboard or Course tab:

To get the LTI for the assignment you want to embed, open the content on Next Tech, and open the "Publish" tab.

Canvas Dashboard

Now we need to add the Next Tech LTI information to the content configurations. Select the following: "Settings" > "Apps" > "+ App" and enter the following information:

Add App form

You can grab this information from the "Publish" section of the Next Tech content you want to embed:

LTI URL and Keys

Make sure to grab your Publishable and Secret Keys from Next Tech! Enter the Publishable Key into the "Consumer Key" text field and the Secret Key into the "Shared Key" text field.

Click "Submit" to save.

Now we can embed the LTI URL. Click the "Assignments" tab (may be grayed out) and select either the '+' icon or the "+ Assignment":

Canvas Course Creator

We need to add the LTI URL to the "Submission Type" field, with the "External Tool" option selected:

Submission Type

Click the "Find" button and select the "Next Tech" option (or "Codevolve" for LTI tools setup prior to the Next Tech rebrand). This tool was added earlier. Click"Save".

Return to the "Assignments" tab and viola, and embedded LTI content!

If your voilĂ  moment turns out to be anti-climatic, resulting in either a 4xx or 5xx error we need to take one additional step due to an awkward OAuth trait.

OAuth LTI Issue

This step needs to be completed by an account Administrator

There is a complication with Canvas's implementation of the OAuth protocol. This issue can be averted by toggling "Don't Move LTI Query Params to POST Body" to on. This setting can be found in "Account" > "Settings" > "Feature Options"