The toolbox contains a number of useful features for content creation.


Load Saved Files

This will replace the files in the editor with the last saved files.

Load Solution Files

This will replace the files in the editor with the files in the .solution folder. For more information about the .solution folder, see here.

Pull Files From GitHub

This will replace the files in the editor with the files that are linked with GitHub. For more information, see here.


Pull Instructions from GitHub

Updates the GitHub markdown blocks by pulling the latest instructions from the GitHub repository.

Sandbox Resources

The sandbox resources table displays the current sandbox resource usage in real time. Green rows indicate that the usage is within the sandbox's resource limits while red rows indicate that the usage exceeds the sandbox's available resources.
To learn more about increasing a sandbox's available resources, see here. It is recommended that you check this table periodically when creating content to ensure the sandbox's resources are sufficient for the content you are creating.
Example of sandbox resources data

Reset Content

This button resets any changes you have made to the files and tabs since the last manual content save was performed. It also resets the progress you have made on tasks and any grades you have created while previewing the content using the Preview button.
Pressing this button is similar to refreshing the page, with the only difference being that you are not given a new sandbox when pressing this button. This means that any software installed (e.g. with apt install) or any other changes to the computing environment will persist.
This feature is most commonly used to reset the task progress to the initial state. To preview the user's experience from a clean state, you should launch a fresh preview of the content in a new tab.

Pull Content Updates

This will update the content with the changes from the original content that the content was copied from. This can be useful if the original content had an issue that was fixed and you want to fix the issue in the current content.
Clicking this will overwrite any changes you may have made to the content except for changes to the following:
  • Name
  • Position in the course
  • Draft status
  • Maintenance mode
This button is only enabled if the content was copied from another content.