Tasks Overview

Next Tech content can be tested in hundreds of different ways. Tasks allow you to verify that a user has completed a specific task, assign a grade, and quantify the skills learned.
Tasks serve two purposes. First, they provide the user with a problem statement they are to complete. This enables the content author to create guided learning experiences for the user.
Second, they are linked to one or more checks that are used to verify a task has been completed successfully. The checks tied to a task are run in order and are run asynchronously, which is important to keep in mind when creating more advanced tasks.

User View

Here is a list of tasks from the user's perspective inside their project:
Each task can be expanded to view the associated checks (if the content editor has elected to share them). When a task is attempted, feedback will also be shown to the user.

Creating a Task

To create a task, open the Tasks sidebar and click + New Task. This will present a number of settings which are explained in detail here.
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