Adding Full GUI Tests

Full GUI tests allow you to simulate a GUI program and record a screen-capture.

The options for this test are described below.

GUI Test Design Template


The test description shown to the user.


The command to run the test with. For example, a Python test can be run with python3 {{test}}.

Test Contents

Add code here to run the GUI program. Add assert statements to verify the program runs correctly.

Filename Override

Optionally specify a customized name for the test file.


A completed GUI task
The test contents of GUI check

Here is a GUI test which ensures that a GUI displays the correct message after a button is pressed. There are 4 fields:

  1. Video - A video caption of what the test is doing to the GUI program. This helps users follow along with what the test is doing to the program and what result it is expecting when those processes are followed. Users can use this information to run the test manually, or pinpoint where their code has generated an edge case.

  2. Output - Any captured output produced by the program.

  3. Errors - Any errors thrown by the program

  4. Test Contents - The code that is run to test the functionality of the user's code.