Snippets allow you to spice up your instructions with opportunities for the user to interact with their project. They're especially useful in contents that contain only instructions (no code editor, terminal, or web browser).
For example, you can use snippets to create interactive documentation to explain a new concept, break down a larger content, or explain your software to a user.

Snippet Types

There are a number of different types of snippets, which can be found in the Snippet Types section.

Creating a Snippet

To create a snippet, select the Snippets icon on the left sidebar in the content editor. Then click + New Snippet. The fields you will be shown depend on the snippet type, but always include the following:


The summary of the snippet. Not shown to users.

Height CSS

Provide a value for how high you would like the snippet to be (e.g.200px).

Adding a Snippet to Instructions

To add a snippet to the instructions, first select the Instructions option in the left sidebar. Then click the New Block dropdown and select Snippet. You will be presented with a list of all your snippets.