Quizzes allow you to add another type of assessment to your content in addition to testing the user's code. Quizzes are multiple choice and can have one or more correct answers. Retakes allow the user to attempt the quiz multiple times.

Creating a Quiz

To add a quiz, first select the "Instructions" option in the left sidebar. Then click the New Block dropdown and select Quiz. You'll be presented with the quiz screen which lists all your quizzes. From here you can select or update an existing quiz or create a new one.
When creating a quiz, click the New Answer button to add a quiz answer. Enable the "Correct" toggle below the answer to mark that answer as correct.
There are several settings for creating quizzes, as described below.


The name of the quiz. Not shown to users.


The quiz question.

Correct Message (optional)

Message to display to the user if they pass the quiz.

Incorrect Message (optional)

Message to display to the user if the fail the quiz.


If enabled, there can be multiple correct answers, and the user must select all the correct answers to receive a score of 100%. The user will receive partial credit for selecting some, but not all, of the correct answers.

Shuffle Answers

If enabled, the user will see the answers in a random order each time they retake the quiz.

Enable Retakes

If enabled, the user can retake the quiz an unlimited number of times.