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Interface Settings

The interface settings detailed below allow you to configure access to certain functionality that is enabled by default. Limiting access to some of the more advanced functionality in content for introductory concepts can help prevent the user from getting confused.

Enable Friendly Buttons

Friendly buttons refers to the circular, blue action button that is attached to an interface component:
Blue "Play" Button
If the friendly buttons are disabled a rectangular, blue action button is shown instead:
Blue "Run" Button

Enable Directory Sidebar

This will provide users with subdirectory access. This setting should be enabled if the content environment contains more than 4 files. If this setting is toggled off, all files will be auto opened in A-Z order for the user and cannot be closed. All files will open before any other type of tabs.

Allow Command Line Access

This allows users to access the command line via the terminal. This should only be enabled when needed for the course, as it is quite powerful and can be used to disrupt the environment, preventing a user from advancing.

Simple Web Browser

When this is enabled, files ending in .html are displayed in the web-browser when they are opened in the file editor. The web-browser address bar will show the name of the file that is being displayed, leaving out "localhost" and the port number.