Interface Selection


The Interface Selection setting lets you choose from a number of different interfaces, based on the subject matter you are teaching.


Bash Terminal

This interface gives users a command-line interface to access a computing environment.
Learn more about Next Tech's Terminal here.


This is the interface that has received years of development by Next Tech. Some reasons that make this interface a great choice are listed below.


This interface was designed by looking at what worked in the tools developers used and then reducing that functionality to exactly what is needed by a user to accomplish their learning goals.


There are a number of great features of this interface. It provides access to a full directory sidebar, a powerful tab based interface, multiple themes, and a large number of interface components.


This interface is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant. Here is a copy of our VPAT.


The desktop display connects the user to an actual graphical interface running directly in the cloud.
Learn more about Next Tech's desktop display here.

Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebooks are a great tool for working with datasets. They support inline code execution, data tables and visualization, and various graphing libraries.
Learn more about Next Tech's Jupyter Notebooks here.


This interface gives the user access to the phpMyAdmin tool, which allows you to interact with MySQL databases. It is a very powerful tool, but more complex than the default interface.
Learn more about Next Tech's phpMyAdmin interface here.
phpMyAdmin is not supported by Safari.


This interface gives the user access to the RStudio IDE, which is an excellent tool for working with R programs. It is also more complex than the default interface, but the additional complexity is worth it because of how optimized this tool is for R.
Learn more about Next Tech's RStudio here.