Code Editor


The code editor allows your users to create, upload, edit, rename, and delete files and directories via an editor.‌ You can choose to disable the directory sidebar in the Interface Settings. When the directory is disabled, files are opened and shown in A-Z order.
The code editor and directory sidebar


The code editor includes a number of features:
  • Work with files or directories
  • View images
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Support tab completion, shortcuts, code search, and accessibility commands
Code Editor
More information can be found in the project user guide.

Getting Started

The code editor gives users the power to interact with the environment and is used in almost all courses. Unless the course guides the user on creating their own file, it is best to provide them a starter file. There are a couple different settings to consider in the Code Editor Settings of the Interface tab.


File Actions

When enabled, a user can create, update, delete, and download their own files. You may want to disable this for beginner content to prevent the user from accidentally breaking their project.

Hidden File Globs

You may want to hide certain files from the user, for example, configuration files they do not need to worry about. Absolute file paths entered into this field (one per line) enables you to do this. By default, all dotfiles (files starting with a . are hidden):
Keep in mind that hidden files are still present in the user's project ― they are just not visible in the directory sidebar (or auto opened, if the directory sidebar is disabled).
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