Steps are the backbone of your content's instructional materials. Within them you can place Markdown blocks or embed live snippets, as well as add interactive instructions for the user to complete.

Creating a Step

To create a step when you first load your content, first select the Instructions option in the left sidebar. Then simply click the title box, type your title, and press Enter.
To create additional steps, click the Step List toggle (located to the right of the step title) and click New Step.

Adding Step Blocks

To add a new block in the step, click the New Block drop down and select the type of block you would like to create.


Markdown blocks allow you to add Markdown using a WYSIWYG editor. For more information on them, see Markdown.


Tasks are interactive checkboxes that the user can check off as they complete their project. For more information on them, see Tasks.


Quizzes are multiple-choice and can be created to assess the user's understanding of the material. For more information on the, see Quizzes.


Snippets are interactive blocks of code, terminals, or web pages that can be embedded directly in your instructions. For more information on them, see Snippets.

Edit a Step

To edit any element of a step, simply click the Edit Block icon (looks like a pencil) next to the element you wish to edit.

Deleting a Step

To delete a step, click on the Step List toggle and click the trash icon next to the step's name.