Adding Markdown

Markdown blocks allow you to add Markdown using a WYSIWYG editor, as shown below:

GFM editor

Instructions are written using Github-flavored Markdown (including syntax highlighting for code blocks, as well as support for LaTex).

Additionally, you can use any {{user.*}}

Due to differing browser implementations, many videos will not play on all browsers. For best results we recommend using an MP4 container with the H.264 codec. Please refer to for more details.

Image Captions

You can add an image caption by wrapping it in quotes after the URL of an image, like this:

![Kitten]( "An example image of a kitten.")

Here's what that caption would look like under an image:


Block Equations

Block equations can be written similar to code blocks:

c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}

Note that in addition to 'latex' you can also use either 'tex' or '$$'.

Inline Equations

Inline equations are similar to inline code, but should start and end with $:

This `$\int_a^bf(x)dx$` is an inline integral.


We've also added different types of quotes that you can use to highlight information in your instructions:

Supported Callouts

These will not show up in the Markdown editor preview.


Hacks are not guaranteed to be future proof!

Here are some hacks for markdown blocks we've added!


You can insert a FontAwesome icon like this:

<i class="md-icon fas fa-play"></i>

The md-icon class will give it a nice amount of padding in the instructions.


You can add a hint like this:

<summary> Get a hint! </summary>
Hint contents
A user facing hint