Linking GitHub Files

GitHub file links allow you to load files from a path in a GitHub repository to provided file/folder paths inside a directory on the sandbox for the content.

Linking GitHub Files

To get started, open the Settings sidebar, and scroll down to the GitHub File Links section:
Clicking the + New Link button will display two text fields:
The Remote Path contains the full path to directory in the repo that should be synced, excluding the account and repository name. For example, if you have opened the folder on GitHub and see reponame/content-1/code as the header, you should only put /content-1/code.
The Local Path is the directory to sync the files to. Make sure it is a tracked directory, otherwise the files will not be saved!

Pulling the Files

Once you have created a GitHub file link, you can pull the files from GitHub by opening the Toolbox pane and clicking the Pull Files from GitHub button.
If the sync does not complete successfully, you will be notified as to what the issue is.
Once the files have synced successfully, be sure to save the files by clicking Save in the top navbar! Otherwise the changes will not be saved.

Common Gotchas

Overwriting Files

If the Local Path is the path to a file, the pulled file will overwrite the file at that path.

Overwriting Directories

If the Local Path is a directory, all the files in that directory will be deleted before the file pull is performed.

Copying and Pasting Paths

Be careful when copy and pasting GitHub paths, this can often introduce unintentional spaces and characters that will break the sync.