GitHub Best Practices
Here are a couple tips and suggestions for using GitHub to host content, based on Next Tech's content team's experience.

Create a Repository Read Me

In the base folder of your repository, create a file and include important information regarding your project for collaborators. You do not need to sync this file into the content, but it will be a good reference for the GitHub repository as a whole.

Plan the Repository's Structure

It is best to think about and create a GitHub repository structure before you begin creating your course and contents on Next Tech. Mapping the GitHub repository's layout to the course's layout allows you to quickly refer to the GitHub materials for a particular content.
Here is one way to structure a GitHub repository:
Top Level of Course Structure
Each folder in the structure above corresponds to a content within a course. Within each folder, there are subfolders and Markdown files:
Second Level of Course Structure
Each of the Markdown files will be imported into Next Tech as steps. The folders will be pulled into the project as solution and starter files.