Getting Started with GitHub
Using GitHub, you can host a content's instructions and/or files to enable fast and scalable content production. This is accomplished by adding markdown and code files to a GitHub repository and then "linking" those files as a content's steps and starter/solution, respectively. Then, with a single click, you can pull these materials from GitHub directly into the content. No more copying and pasting instructions or uploading files!
This page details some of the benefits of using GitHub and provides instructions for how to get started with this powerful feature.


There are numerous benefits to using GitHub to host instructions and files:
  • Robust collaboration features, e.g. branches with pull requests or issue tracking
  • Built in version control via Git
  • A single source of truth and change tracking
  • Ability to make mass changes, e.g. using a text editor's find-and-replace functionality
  • Many ways to edit, including an easy to use desktop application
If you have never used GitHub before or you need a refresher, check out their docs for more information.

Getting Started

To get started with using GitHub to host content materials, you must first link your GitHub account. To do so, navigate here as an admin, manager, or editor.
Next Tech will request access to your GitHub repo. Permission for third party access may be needed from within GitHub. Information about granting access can be found here.
The rest of the set up will be performed inside a content and is detailed in the following pages.
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