Upgrading User

Next Tech content originally defaulted to using the root user, but in 2019 this was changed to nt-user for a number of reasons, including:

  • root should not be used as a normal user, instead, the sudo command should be used

  • Many programs complain if they are run as root

  • Users should be given an environment as close to one they'd use later as possible

To prevent issues being introduced, older content still using root have not been updated automatically. Instead, content creators are encouraged to use the one-click upgrade to do this themselves, so they can ensure the new user works as expected.

To do this:

  1. Open a content and put it into Maintenance Mode‚Äč

  2. Under the Settings, scroll down and click the Upgrade User button, then confirm the upgrade

  3. After a page reload, perform any necessary tests to ensure the new user works as expected, such as running tasks or launching a preview of the content

  4. Take the content out of Maintenance Mode