Coding Sandbox Basics
There are several important things to know about the coding sandbox behind each content environment.

File Backups

Your files are backed up and loaded onto a new sandbox every time a project is launched. If the same project was recently opened (i.e. you are just refreshing the page), the same sandbox will be used.
Sandboxes shut down three minutes after the user has left the page, with the exception of sandboxes that are shutdown because a different project was loaded. These shutdowns occur immediately.


Each sandbox uses a user named nt-user with sudo access.

Working Directory

The working directory of each sandbox is/home/nt-user/workspace.

Default Software

Programs / Libraries

By default, all sandboxes include:
  • python3: Python 3
  • python: Python 2
  • pip3: Pip 3
  • pip: Pip 2
  • nodejs: Node.js
  • npm: Node.js
  • git: Git
  • vim: Vim editor
  • Standard Python libraries
  • Python 3 libraries:
    • beautifulsoup4
    • selenium

Graphical Environment

There is also a full graphical environment available in each sandbox. It's started if you enable the Desktop tab. Doing so allows you to create contents for building actual GUIs, right in the cloud!
Here's what such a content might look like:
A Java Application