Configuring Program Runtime

To configure the runtime environment, click the settings button in the left side menu, then scroll down to one of the sections listed below.

The value in the build and run scripts will be executed in various locations throughout the content, such as:

  • When the user presses the primary (default: "Run Code") button or

    Ctrl / Cmd + Enter.

  • When the user runs an executable snippet.

  • When a test case is run.

This will present you with three different options, described below.

Build Script

The build script is used to compile the directory before the run command is executed. For example, you can place compilation commands here.

Your script will be run with Bash and must complete in under 15 seconds. This script supports templates.

Run Command

The run command is executed once the build script has completed. It also supports templates.

The run command must be a single executable statement, such as python A command such as cd src ; python will not return expected results during testing.