Check Limitations

For some subject matter, using checks to evaluate the state of a user's project may not be possible. When this is the case, we suggest that these concepts still be taught in conjunction with more testable methods and concepts as the focal point. The following sections are examples of some of the common limitations of the checks.

Random Number Sequences

Random number generators (RNG), random number sequences, random guessing games, lotteries, etc. would be difficult to test as a standalone program. It would be more feasible to test a program that makes use of a RNG as a supporting mechanism.

Anonymous Functions

Anonymous functions do not need to be avoided completely but if possible, using a named function or assigning a function to an object will make it easier to unit test:
An anonymous function in JavaScript

Camera or Microphone Access

Commands and functions that attempt to access a camera or microphone are not supported. Instead, you could provide an image, video, or audio file that will allow you to work with and test your program.

Large Disk Usage

There are limits on the amount of information that can be written to disk, if you have a program that needs to download large files or packages (apt-get install) let us know and we can create custom environments or have those packages preinstalled for you.