Grading Weights
There are two types of submissions a user can be graded on - Tasks and Quizzes.
Example of Task Grading Weights

Task Grading Weights

Grading weights can be assigned to tasks to add them to the grading engine.


If enabled, the task will be used during grading.


The name of the task. Shown to users when they are submitting their project.


The weight contributed to the final grade if this instruction passes. Some check types support partial grading.

Quiz Grading Weights

The same options apply as in the task grading weights section.


Once the grading weights are configured, the user can expand the task to see how many points each task is worth.
Example of an uncompleted task
Once the user successfully sees the task is completed they will receive a green check mark. They can expand the task again to get the following feedback:
Example of a successfully completed task