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Course Sections

Creating Sections

Sections allow the contents in a course to be organized into related parts.
To create a section, click the dropdown arrow on the New Content button and click New Section.
New Section button
This will open a modal where you can choose a name for the section and optionally add a description for the section. Both the section name and description are shown to users.
Create Section modal

Adding Content to a Section

When sections are created they are initially empty. To move an existing content into the section, follow the instructions here. To create a new content in the section, click the New Content button next to the section name.
Create Content button for a Course Section

Reordering Sections

To move a section before or after another section, click the up or down arrow to the left of the section name.
Section Position buttons

Renaming a Section

To rename a section or update the section's description, click the blue pencil icon.
Edit Section button

Deleting a Section

To delete a section, click the red trash icon.
Delete Section button