How to integrate Next Tech with hundreds of other apps using Zapier.

Accessing the Next Tech Zapier App

Our Zapier app is currently in Zapier's Beta program (although it's in use by many Next Tech customers), so you'll need us to send you an invite to it on Zapier. Just let us know you're interested and we'll get you added right away!

Event Types

Once you have access to the Zapier app, you can create one for three different types of events:

New User Activation

This event triggered anytime a new user signs up on your account, either directly on Next Tech or via an embedded content.

It can be useful to pipe this data to an email drip campaign, your sales CRM, or a Google Sheets spreadsheet for later viewing.

A raw sample of this data is below:

"email": "",
"first_name": "Codey",
"last_name": "Codester",
"user_uid": "kd8rotk4-3252-34f2-gre3-jkekt9dlfksl"

Lesson Step Completed

This event is triggered when a user completes a step in their project. It contains valuable data for measuring the user's speed to complete the project, number of attempts, and their overall course progress.

You can use this data to highlight areas that may be too difficult or easy in your curriculum, as discussion starters for mentors, or to measure engagement with your contents.

A raw sample of this data is below:

"course_name": "A Course",
"course_progress": 0.5,
"created_at": 1499366915,
"lesson_progress": 1,
"lesson_uid": "460045ff-03b7-44c3-b927-a3b8baf680f6",
"project_attempts": 1,
"project_created_at": 1499366914,
"project_name": "A Project",
"project_time_spent": 600,
"project_uid": "d70db329-4043-499b-a7fc-b816e4a5b423",
"project_updated_at": 1499367981,
"step_time_spent": 30,
"step_title": "A Step",
"uid": "d94kd7fs-6421-432d-a4g3-dk49fir85jyj",
"updated_at": 1499366933,
"user_created_at": 1499197351,
"user_email": "",
"user_first_name": "Codey",
"user_uid": "kd8rotk4-3252-34f2-gre3-jkekt9dlfksl",
"user_last_name": "Codester",
"user_updated_at": 1499197351

New Grade Created

This event is triggered when a scored grade is created for the user. It contains the current project score, the amount of time spent on the project, and the results from all tests.

You can use this data to quantify the learner's skills for future employers or to validate project comprehension.

A raw sample of this data is below:

"lesson_uid": "34fhtwa2-dge4-jtds-6fse-dfhr4fkoi8t6",
"created_at": 1497986471,
"project_created_at": 1497986452,
"project_name": "Python Project",
"project_option": "",
"project_review_url": "",
"project_share_url": "",
"project_snapshot_created_at": 1497986465,
"project_snapshot_updated_at": 1497986465,
"project_snapshot_uid": "898dcc53-6d64-4fd6-8fc6-7dc348b67dbd",
"project_snapshots_count": 2,
"project_time_spent": 12,
"project_updated_at": 1497986469,
"project_uid": "f899da51-8dbd-449d-826f-b3cba72d6430",
"score": 1,
"updated_at": 1497986471,
"user_created_at": 0,
"user_email": "",
"user_first_name": "Codey",
"user_uid": "mvkf9rk4-ds9d-dfe2-kj7r-2levma3oizj8",
"user_last_name": "Codester",
"user_updated_at": 1497986471,
"task_results": [
// The task results will appear here.
"test_results": {
// The test results will appear here.

Other Events / Data

If there are other event types or data you'd like to track, just let us know!