Managing Account Instructors

How to add and remove account instructors for your account.

Account instructors have access to the published courses on your account, as well as the ability to create, modify or delete their own courses on the account and embed them using their own keys.

Account instructors can NOT:

  • View, modify, or delete unpublished courses they do not own

  • View other users on the account

  • Add new admins or instructors

  • View the account's "main" keys (they're given their own unique pair)

Account admins still can view, modify, or delete content created by an instructor.

This makes instructors a great user type for people you'd like to allow to create new content, but not give full account access.

Adding Instructors

To add a new account instructor, navigate to your Account page.

Fill out the Instructor form and submit it. The user will be notified via email and sent an initial password if they don't already have an account.

Removing Instructors

To remove an instructor from your account, simply click the red X next to their name.