There are a number of settings you can change for your account.

Enable Project Code Editor Autocompletion

If set, your users will be able to use the autocomplete functionality in the project code editor.
We recommend enabling this setting if it isn't already. This functionality is expected by most users these days, and they have the option to turn it off themselves if they want to.

Enable Project Help

If shown, the project help walkthrough will not be shown when the user launches a project for the first time. The project help sidebar will still be shown. Currently, there's no way to turn this off, but if you want to, let us know!

Enable Project Layout Setting

If enabled, your users will see the layout setting in their project's settings sidebar.
Enabling this is best if you want to give your users more control over their project. However, if you want to enforce the layouts selected by your content creators, you should disable it.

Enable Project Sharing

If enabled, your users will see the sharing sidebar in their project. The option to include a referral token will not be included.

Enable LTI Progress Updates

If enabled, LTI embeds will receive updates as the user progresses through their project (e.g. when they attempt a task or quiz), as well as when they submit their project for a grade.

Project Help Text

Any text placed here will be displayed at the bottom of the help sidebar, for example:

Project Overlay Button Text

The project overlay button text can be changed using this setting. For example, setting it to "👨‍💻 Let's Code! 👩‍💻" will show this in the project overlay:

Project Overlay Text

The project overlay text can be changed using this setting. For example, setting it to "Click below to get started!" will show this in the project overlay:

Override Codey Persona

Codey can be configured on an individual content level, but selecting a value here will temporarily override the Codey persona for all contents. This can be useful for certain special occasions (e.g. Pride Month).
Interested in other Codey personas? Request them here!
Setting a value here will not enable Codey in any contents where he is not already enabled. If that's a feature you would like to see, please let us know!

Project Maintenance Text

Any text added here will override the message shown by default when a content is set to maintenance mode. The default text is "This content is undergoing maintenance. Please check back soon!".
This field supports GitHub-flavored markdown, but we suggest you only use basic text formatting (bold, italic, etc.) and links. Other elements (like images) may not look good in this context.
To view your custom message, you can:
  1. 1.
    Create a new content and select a stack.
  2. 2.
    Toggle maintenance mode on.
  3. 3.
    Launch a preview project of the content.