Business FAQs

What can my team members access?

Please see this breakdown of different team permissions.

How much does it cost to add my team?

Business accounts are $299 per seat per year. When you purchase a businesses account, you'll be provided with a maximum number of seats you can use at any one time during your contract period.
To get started with a business account, please request a demo or email [email protected]!

How do I purchase more seats?

To purchase more seats, please email your account manager or open a support ticket here.

Will I be able to see the work my team does?

Yes! There are a number of ways you can see data for your team when they take a custom learning path. You currently cannot see team progress on Next Tech's courses, but we're working on this!

Using Reports

You can find information about our many reports here.

Using Zapier

Our Zapier integration allows you to pipe data from your team to hundreds of different tools.

Using the Progress View

Next Tech provides a basic progress view here. We have an improved version of this coming soon!